International students who are studying abroad for the first time will have many questions to preparing themselves to be able adapting in other countries. For this reason, Pre-Departure Briefing is an agenda that should not be missed for prospective international students to participate. Usually the Pre Departure Briefing will be held by the university or an overseas education consultant who helps the process of taking care of overseas studies.
What information is provided during the Pre Departure Briefing?
In the Pre Departure Briefing session, usually the organizers, both representatives of international institutions and international education consultants will provide comprehensive information for students who wish to continue their studies abroad, which includes;
1. Personal equipment that needs to be brought (related to the season in the destination country)
2. Important documents that must be brought
3. What should be done after arriving in the study destination country
4. What can and should not be done in the study destination country
5. Tips while studying and living abroad
In addition to providing information, students who take part in the Pre Departure Briefing session are also allowed to ask questions if there are any things that still need further explanation. As an experienced overseas education consultant, Edlink + ConneX often holds Pre Departure Briefing sessions which are attended by students who will go to study abroad using study management services through Edlink + ConneX.