What is a Trusteeship or Guardianship Arrangement?
A guardianship is the official support system for international students of minor age, studying abroad, living far from their parents. This system provides assurance to students, parents of students, and the schools they attend, that if a student needs additional care, support or assistance, there is a legal guardian nearby who can and will help. The school will usually provide several guardianship service options that have gone through a fairly rigorous screening process.
Who needs Trusteeship?
The immigration authorities of some countries require every international  student under the age of majority, most of whom are 18 years old, to have a legal guardian during the school year until the student reaches the intended age of majority. This is also one of the conditions for them to get a student visa.
Why is guardianship important?
Through this guardianship program, temporary custody of students is given to the appointed official guardian for the duration of the study period. A guardian will take on the roles and responsibilities that the biological parents normally have, to provide assistance in emergencies, accommodation, immigration, travel, and the overall success of the student. So that students can reach their full potential while studying and living far from family.
Are There Other Options Than Guardianship Services?
For some countries, the immigration authorities issue a student guardian visa, where parents, legal guardians (legal custodians) or relatives who are over 21 years old, with the applicable terms & conditions, can be nominated as student guardians to get student guardian visa.
For complete & up-to-date information on guardianship arrangements for foreign students under 18 years of age in determining the most suitable choice of guardianship system and in accordance with the terms & conditions of the immigration policies of each country of study destination, contact our consultant at the nearest Edlink + ConneX branch office below. (link to branch office page) or make a consultation appointment here (link to the consultation appointment form page).