Opening a bank account

One of the things that needs to be done before starting a study abroad is to open a bank account in the study destination country. By having a bank account in the country of study destination,  will make it easier for students to make financial transactions while studying abroad.
Before determining which bank to choose, it is better for prospective students to consider several things such as which banks provide attractive offers for international students, the location of the bank with the campus or where you live during your studies so that it is easier to manage a bank account if later you have a banking problems in the middle of the study period.
Some banks also charge administrative fees for printing a book account, so make sure you know the administrative fees for the bank that you are aiming for when you decide to open a bank account.
When opening a bank account, there are a number of documents that must be prepared :
1. Full name, residential address, telephone number, campus telephone number, and campus address
2. Passport
3. Additional identity, such as driver's license, student card, birth certificate and so on

4. Letter of acceptance from the University
5. The amount of money deposited at the beginning of opening an account, depends on the policy of the bank.
Even though you can open a bank account by telephone or online, it will be easier for students to open an account by directly visiting the destination bank just in case there are difficulties during the registration process. For students who receive scholarships, they can attach a Letter of Guarantee or Letter of Scholarship from the scholarship provider to apply for an account opening.
Especially for Australia, Edlink + ConneX have collaborates with Commonwealth banks, which we can help with the process of applying for an account opening in Australia, so that when you arrive in Australia, students only need to take an book account and ATM card at a Commonwealth bank in Australia.
For complete & up-to-date information regarding applications for opening an overseas bank account, contact our consultant at the following nearest Edlink + ConneX branch office (link to the branch office page) or make a consultation appointment here (link to the consultation appointment form page).