As a foreign student who lives far from their family and has to live independently in a new country, of course it will be difficult to adapt in the early days, especially if students have to face health problems in other countries. That is why health insurance for students while studying abroad is very important and is also one of the main requirements in applying for student visas in certain countries.

Visa requirements in some countries state that overseas students are required to have insurance while studying abroad. If students wish to extend the validity of their student visas, they must renew their existing insurance policies.

Health insurance helps finance medical and hospital care while studying abroad. Generally this includes:

1. Treatment by a local doctor

2. Treatment by specialists outside the hospital

3. Hospital medical care

4. Prescription drugs

5. Emergency ambulance assistance

Generally there are two health insurance payment systems that can be offered, namely:

1. Reimbursement system; which requires policy holders to pay medical expenses in advance. If something happens that requires hospitalization, students must pay all fees in advance.  After that, these costs can only be claimed to the insurance company by fulfilling the claim requirements requested by the insurance company.

2. Cashless system; with this system it becomes easier because policy holders do not need to spend any money when they go to the hospital and only show insurance participant cards which will be verified in advance by the administrative staff at the hospital. This insurance will be very useful when living far from parents to continue their education abroad

For students who wish to continue their education in Australia, we collaborate with Medibank to help prepare an insurance policy (OSHC) which is required as a condition for applying for a visa as well as guarantees of health assistance while studying in Australia.

For complete & up-to-date information about info and requirements for submitting study abroad insurance policies, contact our consultants at the nearest Edlink + ConneX branch offices or make a consultation appointment here.



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