Every year the number of international students studying in Singapore continues to increase. This proves that Singapore as a developed country has a very good quality of education so that it can attract the attention of students from various countries in the world to study in Singapore.

Why choose to study in Singapore:

 1. Geographical proximity
The location of Singapore, which is close to Indonesia, is clearly advantageous. Due to its close geographical location, the climate in Singapore is similar to that of Indonesia. As the closest neighboring country to Indonesia, it is not difficult to find food or shops that sell food ingredients in Indonesia. This convenience will certainly reduce the impact of culture shock that is commonly experienced by international students.

 2. Government support for education
One of the government's efforts to improve the quality of education in Singapore is to provide assistance for international students with a work bond system. Aid or Tuition Grant is a subsidy of 70% from the government, instead after graduating students must undergo a work bond for three years.

 3. Multicultural
Another advantage of studying in Singapore is the diversity of ethnicities and languages ​​that exist there. This diversity is an opportunity to know and learn foreign languages ​​and cultures. In Singapore, in addition to English, another foreign language that is often used by Singaporeans is Mandarin, so this is an added advantage after graduating from college in Singapore, fluent in English and also Mandarin.

4. Collaboration with universities from other countries
Several universities in Singapore have collaborative programs with universities from European and American countries. With this program, students will graduate with degrees equivalent to those of prestigious universities in Europe and America.

5. An orderly and disciplined country
Known as a country that is strict and disciplined to every citizen and all tourists, it can be seen from the government policy that imposes fines on people who litter. This policy demonstrates Singapore's seriousness and commitment to maintaining its reputation as a clean and green city.

6. Progress of infrastructure and public facilities
Progress in Singapore has been evenly distributed in various aspects, especially in the fields of technology and public facilities. The benefits of this technological advancement can be felt by the public, one of which is through convenient and well-organized transportation facilities and systems, providing comfort and convenience for its users.

7. Countries with high mobility
Although classified as a country with a small area, Singapore can be categorized as a productive country, because the majority of Singaporeans tend to be active and have a myriad of activities. In addition, Singapore has many tourist attractions and prestigious events that are able to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists, making this country always busy

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