As a home to a range of international standard educational institutions, Australia is a favorite country for many students from all over the world. In addition to many top universities, this country also has many tourism places with stunning natural beauty and excellent urban planning, so that these advantages make Australia has its own charm.

Why choose to study in Australia:

1. Quality of international standard education
The excellent quality of education in Australia coupled with various collaborative programs implemented by educational institutions in Australia and other countries has made many students from all over the world choose Australia to be their study destination country.

2. High quality universities in Australia
The role of government in the education sector can be seen from 8 universities in Australia which are ranked as the best universities in the world according to Times Higher Education and it is stated that the Australian higher education system is world class ranked.

3. Diversity and multiculturalism
The cultural diversity that comes from international students studying in Australia continues to increase every year, making Australia becomes a multicultural country

4. Ease of access
The large number of Indonesian students studying in Australia will make it easy to get information through community organizations and Indonesian student community in Australia. One of the reasons why so many Indonesian students study in Australia is because Asian culinary outlets and halal food can be found easily.

5. Excellent and quality lectures
Each class will be taught by lecturers and even professors who have received internationally recognized degrees.

6. Career Prospects After Graduation Are Wide Open
The guaranteed quality of Australian universities and education makes graduate students superior in the world of work. In addition, with the presence of a career service center at every university in Australia, students will be better prepared to enter the world of work while helping students find their dream career.

7. An active and innovative learning system
The Australian Government places great importance on quality education. Teaching and learning facilities such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories at various universities are equipped with modern technology. The learning system in Australia requires students to develop a mindset and activity in the classroom.


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