Sweden is a Scandinavian country that has advanced technology and is one of the countries that was never colonized. Although it is not as popular as other European countries such as England, the Netherlands and Germany as a destination country for foreign studies, it turns out that the quality of education in Sweden is not inferior to those European countries.

Why choose to study in Sweden:

1. Active and innovative learning methods
The Swedish learning method requires students to think critically in analyzing a problem and finding solutions to solve the problem. In addition, students are also trained to get used to being active in class, giving opinions in class discussion activities between students and with teachers.

2. A country with minimal pollution and waste
Swedish locals on environmental cleanliness. In contrast to other European countries that produce up to 38% of waste, Sweden only produces 1% of waste, making Sweden the largest waste importer in the world. Usually waste is imported from other European countries such as Norway, Italy to the UK for recycling.

3. Developed countries with various technological inventions
Some of the inventions in the world of technology that are worldwide come from Sweden. Some of the famous ones include Skype, Spotify, GPS, Bluetooth to HIV detectors.

4. Job opportunities for international students
While studying in Sweden, international students are allowed to take part-time work if they want to increase their pocket money for living expenses while studying in Sweden. After graduation, international students can also extend their stay in Sweden for 6 months to find work in Sweden.

5. High standard of quality of life
Classified as a developed country that is safe and prosperous, the public facilities in Sweden are very diverse and integrated with each other. In terms of public transportation, Sweden has buses, trains, subways, trams to airplanes. The crime rate in Sweden is also low.

6. English-taught learning to free Swedish course
There are many universities in Sweden that use English as the basic language of learning process. For international students who want to learn Swedish, the Swedish government provides free courses that can be followed.

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