Cyprus offers a high standard of quality education that facilitates international students with the knowledge and skills for a global career. With a stunning Mediterranean climate and beautiful sandy beaches, the number of international students continues to increase every year.

Why choose to study in Cyprus:

1. Safe learning environment and friendly people
Cyprus is a country that has minimal crime rates with friendly locals and welcomes international students with open arms, making them feel comfortable studying in this country.

2. Affordable tuition fees
Compared to other European countries, Cyprus offers very affordable tuition fees but with a quality education that is not inferior to universities in other popular European countries.

3. A country rich in stunning natural scenery
As the third largest country in the Mediterranean region, Cyprus offers more than just beautiful beaches. But also stunning forests and mountains like Troodos, Macheras and Stavrovouni. You can also visit beautiful villages like Fikardou, Omodos and Lefkara to see beautiful architecture and meet local people and enjoy traditional dishes!

4. English-taught programs
Don't worry if you can't speak Cypriot, because the learning process and delivery of lecture materials are in English.

5. High standard education system
Cyprus spends more than 7% of its budget on education, being the third largest in Europe after Denmark and Sweden. The education system in Cyprus also has its own characteristics with a popular study program, namely Hospitality Business & Tourism.

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