Although not many are familiar with Hungary to be chosen as a study abroad destination, Hungary has a list of the world's top universities and participates in introducing the quality of its education through various student exchange programs. Although the number of Indonesian students studying in Hungary is not large, the number of international students who continue their studies in Hungary continues to grow every year.

Why choose to study in Hungary:

1. Choice of top universities with excellent study programs
Some of the top universities in Hungary offer quality learning programs, ranging from teaching staff, facilities to a choice of study programs. Several popular study programs in Hungary that have received recognition from WHO are medicine, veterinary medicine and dentistry.

2. High quality education system
Hungary sets its own standards for awarding educational degrees to students studying in this country. Known as the Bologna Process, colleges or universities can award Bachelor to PhD degrees for credit transfer or continuing studies to other European Union countries if they meet the applicable study requirements.

3. English as the language of instruction
Don't hesitate to continue your studies in Hungary just because of language barriers, because many universities in Hungary use English as the language of instruction. Most Hungarian universities also have Hungarian language courses for international students to easily socialize with local residents.

4. Explore the beauty of the city in Hungary
In Hungary there are many historical buildings with beautiful architecture. Besides having a high historical value, it is also very beautiful as a photo location. Some of the famous historical buildings include Parliament House, St Stephen's Basilica, Fisherman's Bastion, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, and Liberty Bridge. The capital of Hungary, Budapest has even earned the nickname as the most beautiful pearl in Central Europe.

5. Friendly and fun locals
Socializing with local residents is easy because local residents tend to be friendly and open to international students.


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