Japan is a favorite destination for visitors from various countries because of its unique blend of culture, culinary and advanced technology. Not only attracting tourists, the advantage also attracts students from all over the world to study in the sakura country.

Why choose to study in Japan:

1. The world's top universities
Home to a line-up of top prestigious universities, 10 universities in Japan are 100 of the world's best universities with state-of-the-art learning systems and learning facilities, making the quality of educational institutions in Japan world-recognized.

2. Country Nobel Prize winner
Being the second most Nobel Prize winner, proving that Japan is very focused on education and gave birth to researchers whose work has an impact on the progress of the nation and the world.

3. Excel in the economic sector
In Japan there are many large companies engaged in the automotive and electronics industry. Japan ranks second as the country with the largest economic development in the world and ranked third in the world as the country with the largest motor vehicle company.

4. Enriching foreign language skills
Although many Japanese universities already use English as the language of instruction in teaching and learning activities, international students need to learn Japanese as a capital to be able to adapt and communicate with local residents. Thus, it will increase language skills while being able to learn Japanese directly with natives.

5. Study cultural history and exploration
The unique culture and traditions of Japan have always been interesting things to explore. Starting from the art of music, dance, to martial arts, everything has its own uniqueness and characteristics. Besides culture and tradition, Japan also has many interesting historical assets to study.

6. Advanced and modern infrastructure
As a developed country, Japan is at the forefront of infrastructure and technology excellence. Japan's transportation system is as advanced and integrated as buses and trains, so many residents prefer to walk or cycle. That way, Japan becomes a country with minimal pollution levels.

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