Ireland is a country rich in culture and tradition that brings in many international students every year. Being one of the world's best education systems with a pleasant multicultural environment and atmosphere, Ireland is one of the country's favorite destinations for study abroad.

Why study in Ireland:

1. Excel in innovation and research
Ireland's fundamental curriculum, which prioritizes critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and creativity, makes Irish universities among the world's top 1% of universities for research.

2. Extensive career opportunities
Ireland is known as a country with 1000 multinational companies. With so many companies in the country, international students can try their best experience in the workforce while studying.

3. Home to the world's leading giant corporations
Ireland is a country that has many employment opportunities for students who have just completed their education. There are many leading companies in the country, including Facebook, Twitter and Apple.

4. Quality of education system
Ireland is known as one of the countries with the best education system in the world. Ireland spends considerable funds to support scientific research projects. Higher education institutions in Ireland offer active and comprehensive learning programmes, combining theory and practicality in honing the skills of their students.

5. Have a stunning natural beauty
Ireland is synonymous with many islands and lakes, followed by views of mountainous expanses and parks, such as Dublin which has Phoenix Park which is one of the largest parks in Europe.

6. One of the safest countries in the world
Ireland is in the top 10 safest countries in the world based on the Global Peace Index 2017. In addition, friendly local residents also make the country worthy of activities to study.

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