In addition to the United States, The United Kingdom and Australia, China is also one of the developed countries in Asia that has the largest number of international students in the world. China which excels in the field of advanced technology and the economy is an added value that attracts students from various parts of the world to get an education in the country.

Why choose to study in China:

1. International Quality
Although the rankings have not rivaled universities in America, The United Kingdom or Australia, but the quality of education in China has been recognized by the world and every year increasing universities in China are included in the global rankings.

2. There are several student city options in China
If Previously Beijing and China became popular cities for foreign students, there are currently 6 major cities that have large populations of foreign students. The average number of international students has increased by 10% annually over the past 10 years.

3. Funding support from the Chinese Government for international students
The government provides financing offers for international students provided through more than 40,000 scholarships from 277 institutions. In 2015, 40% of new students studying in China gained sponsorship from the government. The number of scholarships available has increased fivefold since 2006.

4. There are various types of tourist attractions that can be visited
Because of its geographical location close to many other countries in Asia, to go to Hong-Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, and Hanoi is only reached in about 2-3 hours by plane from Shanghai. Natural attractions in China are also diverse, ranging from historic buildings to natural scenery such as mountains and beaches.

5. Opportunity to add language skills
In addition to smoothing english skills, while studying in China, students can practice Mandarin language skills by interacting with many locals. This will be a plus because Mandarin is an international language that many people in the world learn.

6. Affordable cost of living
When compared to other student countries such as America and Europe, the cost of living for daily necessities such as eating, transportation and shelter in China is quite affordable. Tuition fees are also cheaper because there is no base money and building money to be paid.

7. Great career opportunities
As a developed country, China is known to be very ahead in producing a variety of electronic products, fashion to household products. With this productivity, it will certainly open a great career to work in these companies.

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