Besides Singapore, another country in Southeast Asia that is a favorite destination for international students, especially students from Indonesia, is Malaysia.

Why choose to study in Malaysia:

1. Guaranteed quality of education
The education system in Malaysia is directly supervised by the government under a law that contains educational guidelines and standards that must be met by every educational institution in Malaysia. The quality of education in Malaysia has also received recognition in the eyes of the world.

2. Educational institutions that are always up-to-date
Higher education institutions in Malaysia are generally career oriented so that students will be ready for a career both nationally and internationally. The education system and programs offered also follow the ongoing development of education. Many choices of study programs and majors to choose from to prepare for a brilliant career.

3. Degree accreditation from US & UK universities with the Twinning Program
Through the Twinning Program, students will get degree accreditation from several other countries that have cooperative relationships with Malaysian educational institutions. Several universities that collaborate with educational institutions in Malaysia, among others, come from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and several other countries. The Twinning Program also provides time and cost efficiency, because by undergoing lecture activities in Malaysia, students will still have degree accreditation from countries that collaborate in the Twinning Program with universities in Malaysia.

4. Affordable cost
When compared to developed countries such as the USA or UK, the cost of education and living costs in Malaysia is more affordable. These two things are certainly very beneficial for students who want to get a world-class education without having to spend a huge amount of money. Especially if students take the Twinning Program, the cost of living and education costs spent will be much cheaper when compared to studying directly in their country. In addition, the prices of goods, food, equipment are affordable, not much different from in Indonesia.

5. Cultural similarity and geographical proximity
Malaysia has geographical proximity to Indonesia. Because it is still closely related to Indonesia, the culture and language that will be found in Malaysia is not much different from Indonesian culture. Of course, it will be easier to socialize and adapt for Indonesian students who will study in Malaysia.

6. Comprehensive use of English
The material presented in class is mostly in English. In addition to the use of English in class, for daily communication between students there also uses English. Thus, the opportunity to hone English skills can be done without having to go far to England or America.


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